We focus on distinctiveness & building talent

Headquartered in Utrecht in the Netherlands, Keylane employs over 800 people and delivers services to over 100 insurance companies across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the Dutch Antilles and the UK.

At our Headquarters we have one goal: to make all our internal & external stakeholders happy. We provide expert advice,  we are eager and passionate and believe in customer intimacy. By working together in a cooperative way, we work our butts off in order to amaze our stakeholders.

It’s our strategy to hire committed experts who specialise. We design work so that employees have a great deal of freedom to innovate and to improve methods of completing tasks.


Manager academy


TA assistant


General counsel

Our focus for the future

Resourcing the business

Strengthening the culture

Enhancing performance

Organizing for success



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